Epidemiology of dog bites and Rabies post exposure prophylaxis in Bhutan, 2009–2012

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Dog bites in human and expenses incur on anti-rabies treatment is a public health problem in Bhutan. In this study we describe the epidemiology of dog bites and the use of human rabies postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) vaccine in Bhutan for a period of four years (2009-2012). Dog bites and PEP treatment data (18,813 patients’) were retrieved from 34 health centres and performed descriptive and logistic regression analyses.

Dog bite incidents were found to be significantly higher in males than females and most common in children than adults. Similarly, males (n=10,924; 59.19%) received significantly ( P <0.001) higher PEP courses than females (n = 7849; 41.81%) across all age groups. The median age of PEP recipients was 20 years (range

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