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Rotavirus burden 2013 manuscript(Article under peer review)

During the study period, a total of 284 children (1 in 45) were hospitalized, and 2,220 children (1 in 6 children) attended the outpatient clinic with diarrhea. Group A rotavirus was detected in 5% of the stool samples from the hospitalized children with diarrhea.

Overall, 22.3% of the stool samples were rotavirus-positive, and the majority (90.8%) of them was detected in children under 2 years of age. From this study, we estimated that the annual incidence of hospitalization and outpatient visits due to rotavirus diarrhea was 2.4/1000 (95% CI 1.7�3.4) and 10.8/1000 (95% CI 9.1�12.7) children, respectively.