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ARI Outbreak status- Reported since 4th February – 15th March, 2015 from various part of the Country, Bhutan.

A total of five ARI Outbreaks were reported from the following various places

  • Gaybakha, Wangdue Phodrang,dated 4-6th Feb, 2015 (Influenza A/pdmH1)
  • Ramjar Middle school, Trashi Yangtse, dated 02-Mar-2015 (Influenza A/H3)
  • Yurung Locality, Pema Gatshel, dated 04-Mar-2015 (Influenza A/pdmH1)
  • Mukhung Community Pry School, Mongar, dated: 05-Mar-2015 (Influenza A/pdmH1)
  • Phochu Dumra Lobdra, Punakha, dated 12-Mar-2015 (Influenza A/pdmH1)

Outbreaks were investigated immediately by respective District Health Officials with the help Public Health Laboratory. Rapid test for suspected cases were done onsite and throat swabs were collected for confirmatory test by RT-PCR for influenza viruses. The PCR test was confirmed that Influenza A/pdmH1 subtype viruses in Gaybakha, Yurung Locality, Mukhung Community Pry School and Phochu Dumra Lobdra. In Ramjar Middle school, it was confirmed Influenza A/H3 subtype viruses.