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Norovirus GII.21 in Children with Diarrhea, Bhutan

Noroviruses are nonenveloped viruses of the family Caliciviridae with a single-stranded RNA genome. In developing countries, noroviruses cause >200,000 deaths annually among children <5 years of age (1). Noroviruses are divided into 6 genogroups, GI–GVI, which are further divided into genotypes. Twenty-nine of the genotypes cause human infections (2). Worldwide, most GII infections are caused by GII.4, followed by GII.3 or GII.6 and then other genotypes, such as GII.2, GII.12, GII.13, GII.17, and GII.7, in varying proportions. We report that GII.21 is the major genotype causing diarrhea in children in Bhutan. ReadFull